Top 5 Data Center Stories: Week of August 19

Rendering of a data center filled with Nutanix appliances (Source: Nutanix video)

For your weekend reading, here are some of the most popular stories that ran on Data Center Knowledge this week:

Spirit of Competition: Nutanix Certifies Cisco UCS Hardware – It’s the kind of arm’s-length handshaking announcement that would merit a relatively small point size for its headline, were it not for the fact that Cisco and Nutanix are clear competitors in the emerging hyperconvergence space.

Take a Look inside a LinkedIn Data Center (Video) – LinkedIn recently started on a journey to transform its data center strategy to one that’s more along the lines of the strategies used by other hyperscale data center operators, companies like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn’s new parent company, Microsoft.

Intel Rolls Out First Silicon Photonics Products for Data Center Networks – Silicon photonics, a technology that’s reportedly been in development for about 16 years, is finally here as a product, and if it wasn’t for the world’s hunger for cloud services (and cloud service providers’ eagerness to provide them), the technology could have remained an interesting science project for many more years to come.

Microsoft Continues Efforts to Calm Azure Stack Anxiety – Continuing its attempts to pacify customers frustrated by the announcement last month that its new on-premise cloud system, Azure Stack, will only run on specific hardware sold by three vendors, Microsoft released a video where Vijay Tewari, who owns its hybrid cloud appliance strategy, explains the Azure Stack strategy in more detail.

CenturyLink Data Center Team Keeps Eye on the Ball Despite Uncertain Future – While it may be interesting to ponder what will happen to CenturyLink’s data center colocation business once the company finalizes whatever ends up being the outcome of the “strategic review” it announced last year, David Meredith, who oversees that business, has work to do.

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