Data Science Book Review: The Data Science Handbook

ds_handbookThe Data Science Handbook gathers 25 interviews of Data Scientists. Interviews are well done, most questions depending on the previous answer. This gives a nice feeling of discussion between the interviewer and the Data Scientist. On the content side, it provides interesting insights about the job of Data Scientist. The book is however biased towards pioneers in the field spending 14h a day working, which is definitely not representative of the overall Data Scientist population.

The 25 interviews are covering all major Data Science topics, including data preparation, automation, Big Data, the role of the Data Scientist and moving from academy to industry. Although some of the selected Data Scientists are clearly well known (DJ Patil, Hilary Mason, etc.), others are quite new to the field. It looks like they have been interviewed because they knew the editors or work for a “trendy” company. I would have rather chosen to include other key Data Scientists such as Dean Abbott, John Elder, Eric Siegel and Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro. The book still remains a great source of inspiration for experienced Data Scientists.



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