Top 5 Data Center Stories: Week of September 2

Entrance to a hot aisle in a data hall at Facebook’s Altoona, Iowa, data center. (Photo: @2014 Jacob Sharp Photography)

For your weekend reading, here are some of this week’s most popular stories on Data Center Knowledge:

What Facebook Has Learned from Regularly Shutting Down Entire Data Centers – The idea to do these kinds of stress tests was born after Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on internet infrastructure on the East Coast.

One Data Center Standard to Rule Them All? – This group wants to solve the problem of too many data center standards, by creating just one more.

SonicWALL Makes Ready For Split From Dell – SonicWALL will be operated as a standalone company once the separation is complete, possibly by the end of October.

IoT Could Drive Micro Data Centers for Telcos – It is not, despite what many have hypothesized, trillions of non-sentient devices with unique IPv6 addresses logging onto the Web.  And it is this fact — that the Internet of Things would be a more clever architecture than a colossal hub-and-spoke topology — that testifies to its power to change the landscape of data centers.

Ten Most Connected Data Centers – Connectivity is one of the ways a new online directory, launched by the Australian internet entrepreneur Bevan Slattery, ranks the world’s data centers.

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