Top Five Data Center Stories: Week of February 24

Here are the top stories that appeared on Data Center Knowledge this week:

NTT Names Adams RagingWire CEO, Takes Full Ownership of Company  The US company has been tasked with building out NTT’s North and South American platform, and Douglas Adams is now in charge of that effort, although it doesn’t include non-RagingWire NTT facilities already in the US.

Google Launches Bare-Metal Cloud GPUs for Machine Learning – While relatively few companies outside of a small group of web giants like Google itself use machine learning in production, there’s a lot of development work going on in the field, with computer scientists building and training machine learning algorithms and companies mulling various business cases for using the capability.

Trump Team Sounding Out Tech Firms Ahead of Delayed Cyber Order – While no new date has been set for signing the cyber order, executives attending a security conference in San Francisco last week said the administration has sought input to help smooth the rollout.

Vapor IO Targets Edge Computing with Micro Data Centers for Telcos – The bet is that the rise of virtual network services running on commodity servers instead of dedicated, proprietary (read “expensive”) telco gear and the mind-boggling amount of data generated at the edge by mobile devices and the Internet of Things will drive service providers to look for solutions that make it easier to deploy computing horsepower close to as many end users as possible.

Artificial Intelligence and the Evolution of Data Centers – AI is mitigating data centers’ energy consumption, while improving uptime and reducing costs without compromising on performance.

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