Pat Gelsinger: VMware Opens Up Tech Partners To Expand Cloud Capabilities

VMware on Tuesday unveiled partnerships aimed at further integrating its virtualization and cloud technology with that of several tech industry heavyweights including AWS, Google, Pivotal, and Dell EMC.

Those partnerships include supporting Google Chromebooks with VMware’s WorkSpace ONE endpoint management technology, a virtual desktop infrastructure partnership with Dell EMC, a move to make it easy to run VMware technologies on Amazon Web Services, and further integration of its virtualization and cloud capabilities with development technology from Pivotal.

VMware also unveiled VMware Pulse IoT Center to enhance the management and security of IoT edge devices.

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VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger used his Tuesday keynote at the Dell EMC World conference to debut the new technologies.

Gelsinger also oversaw the first public demonstration of VMware Cloud on AWS, the recently unveiled strategic partnership under which customers will be able to run VMware vSphere-based applications across private, hybrid, and AWS public cloud environments using their existing VMware software and tools.

Gelsinger said IoT, which features an increasing number of devices sending data to a central location, has become the force that is taking the industry back towards the next centralization of IT. “IoT will be the strategy driving us back to the edge. … And as a result, we have to rebuild the edge,” he said.

Dell EMC is building multiple platforms to meet the increasing requirements of IoT at the edge, especially in terms of security, Gelsinger said. “Important: Lots of devices,” he said. “Most importantly, every one of those devices has to be protected.”

VMware Pulse IoT Center, the first in a new family of products designed to tackle IoT issues, is focused on the management, monitoring, and security of IoT devices via IoT gateways. It will be a part of VMware’s software-defined data center initiatives, Gelsinger said.

This type of solution is a critical part of IoT. “[These devices] have to be connected, secured, and managed,” he said.

Gelsinger also introduced several additions to VMware’s cloud strategy, which he said boils down to any device with any application on any cloud.

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