Top Five Data Center Stories: Week of May 19

A technician at work in a data hall at Facebook’s Altoona, Iowa, data center. (Photo: @2014 Jacob Sharp Photography)

Here are the top stories that appeared on Data Center Knowledge this week:

Facebook’s Data Center Powerhouse Spawns another Startup – RStor believes “network is storage.”

NVIDIA CEO: AI Workloads Will “Flood” Data Centers – In preparation for this flood, data center managers need to answer some key basic questions.

Google to Sell New AI `Supercomputer’ Chip Via Cloud Business – Google hopes it will quicken the pace of AI advancements. And despite official statements to the contrary, it may also threaten Intel Corp. and Nvidia Corp., the main suppliers of powerful semiconductors that run large processing tasks.

HPE Rolls Out The Machine Prototype, Its Version of the Future of Computing – The core idea behind HPE’s new architecture – “the largest R&D program in the history of the company” – is replacing focus on the processor with focus on memory.

Microsoft: Government Should Regulate IoT Security – Security is one of the biggest challenges in the budding IoT space, as companies rush products to the hot new market. Currently the “bar is low” for IoT security, according to Microsoft’s IoT chief.

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