Top Five Data Center Stories: Week of May 26

Open19 server chassis (Photo: Open19)

Here are the most popular stories that appeared on DCK this week:

LinkedIn’s Data Center Standard Aims to Do What OCP Hasn’t – It promises a way to build out data centers that’s both compatible with traditional data center infrastructure and simple and quick enough to meet the servers-by-the-ton pace of hyper-scale data center operators.

DCK Investor Edge: CyrusOne — Catch Me If You Can – The inability for hyperscale cloud providers to forecast their own customer growth is at odds with their need to seamlessly provide them with unlimited servers “on-demand.” This has created a new playing field for resourceful landlords: The opportunity to co-create wholesale data center solutions to meet increasingly tight schedules that can deliver on contractual service level agreements, or SLAs.

Switch Plans Gigantic Atlanta Data Center Campus – The future data center in Atlanta will be to Switch’s Grand Rapids, Michigan, site what its Las Vegas campus is to the one in Reno, Nevada, meaning it will be one of two East Coast locations that are far enough from each other to enable a resilient, redundant application topology across two geographically separated sites for its customers.

Facebook Building Own Fiber Network to Link Data Centers – The underground cable system will be 200 miles long and provide three diverse network paths to the Facebook data center in Los Lunas, company representatives wrote in a post on the Facebook page for the future Los Lunas facility. Facebook claims it will be “one of the highest-capacity systems in the US.”

It Doesn’t Take a Supercomputer to Justify Liquid Cooling – Heat exchangers have been used inside server cabinets for many years to dissipate heat and reduce the cooling needed from computer room air handing (CRAH) units. Recent advances are causing data center managers who may have dismissed them as risky to take a second look.

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