Swiss Analytics Magazine issue #7 is available online

As you may have read in the last issue of Swiss Analytics Magazine, Data Science is not (yet) automated. We still need Data Scientists to develop, test and implement Predictive Analytics within companies. Our magazine is there to support you in this journey to data-driven decision making.

Swiss Analytics Magazine #7

In this release, Marcel Baumgartner explains how Analytics can be used for (internal) audit. Jérôme Berthier describes what is “The Voices” category within Data Scientists. Jacques Zuber provides an introduction to Deep Learning. Karyn Murphy lists 8 common mistakes in IoT. Additionally, I reviewed the book – let’s call it a Bible – Business Forecasting.

I take the opportunity to remind you of our main platforms of communication:

  • Meetup: Analytics events proposed by our association.
  • LinkedIn: Our discussion group (news, job offers, events, etc.)
  • Website: Content we share (magazine, event slides, etc.)

As discussed during our latest General Assembly (Feb. 1st 2017), both the existing Committee and President have been re-elected. We also decided to stop paid membership for the association. Thanks to our sponsors, major running costs are covered and the committee can now focus on strategic tasks such as the organization of events and magazines. To become a free member, simply join our LinkedIn group


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